One woman’s Crazy Love and excitement for the Dental Lab field turned into what many are asking to be a part of today!  What a great accomplishment but it doesn’t stop there.  Apply now and find out where it can take you.

Find your dream job at Griffin Dental Laboratories

Are you looking to grow & shine?

Due to continued success, Griffin Dental Laboratories is seeking enthusiastic and bright individuals for various roles to enhance its market-leading position in the world of dentistry.

Use the links below to take a look at the opportunities currently available at Griffin Dental Laboratories.

Current Vacancies

With an entire operation under one roof, Griffin Dental Laboratories offers a dynamic range of roles. From dental technicians to drivers, development to sales, finance, data analysis to marketing, design to purchasing, the list goes on.

What We Do

Find out about what it’s like to work for Griffin Dental Laboratories. And learn how the different departments work together to create and sell our dental lab restorations.

What We Do


Learn about the fantastic benefits offered when you work for Griffin Dental Laboratories.

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