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Vernice Griffin RG, CDT

Vernice is a female dental lab owner, Certified Dental Technician, Recognized Graduate of a dental Lab program and a former chairside assistant originally from Detroit, Michigan.  She started off in the dental lab field some 16 years ago with the goal of finding a job that could do what her mother had taught her all those years growing up. That if you put your mind to it you can learn and do most anything with guidance at first and strength and willingness to succeed in whatever you choose to do in the end.  To pursue your goals and aspirations was just one thing that this strong single mother of two taught Vernice.  Vernice’s relationship with her mother was so strong that she carries it on till today as she staunchly pursues her every desire with careful thought and planning all the way.  At first it was about a job but after about 10 years of working in dental offices as an assistant, in various labs as a technician and finally accepting a position in yet another dental lab and learning the harsh reality that she didn’t want others to decide what she could and could not do especially when it pertained to her family.  She took it  upon herself to began investing in her own dreams, her own desires.  And in doing so she realized that there was an even bigger world out there in front of her.

In 2006 she started her first lab and after three years she found herself with child and not a whole lot of money in the bank and so her and husband packed up and moved back to his home town of Lexington, Kentucky to continue their education in what they both thought was the answer to their dilemma.  But, loe and behold it wasn’t the answer as the family that had moved into their house and was planning on purchasing it were unable to follow thru with the arrangement that they had made so they picked up their entire lives moved back to Louisville where things not only would change but also it got worse before it even got better.  But, suffice it to say they were able to hold on to what they had learned and begin to build their businesses on what most would call a whim, a hope and a prayer.

Years came and went and this power couple found strength in each other and their family.  And soon things began to change.  Vernice started her new lab over in her home to let others know that if she could get through the rough storm so too could they.  She started to teach herself that no matter how difficult things got she had something of value that she wanted everyone to know.  Including her daughter who she hoped would be able to carve out a niche of her own in this field one day.  Vernice brings with her a lot of experience and tested methods that she uses them in her business day in and day out.  She brings with her the idea that growing a successful business starts out as one persons dreams but soon turns into a reality for others to use to help them grow as well.

Our dreams can become reality if you really want them to but it takes hard work, dedication and a voice that tells you yes you can!

You can follow Vernice at :  And on Social Media Call Center Meet Vernice

Before Moving into her 2nd office in Shelbyville, Kentucky taking that walk- thru

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